Feather the Nest

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Hand-painted Ornaments by Marcia

  • American Kestrel Ornament

    American Kestrel Ornament

    Beautifully hand-painted ornament by a local artist featuring North America's smallest falcon, the American Kestrel.

    $30.00 ea. [3 remaining]

  • Common Loon Ornament

    Common Loon Ornament

    A hand-painted ornament by a local artist featuring a captivating Common Loon and baby.

    $30.00 ea. [5 remaining]

  • American Goldfinch Ornament

    American Goldfinch Ornament

    A hand-painted ornament by a local artist featuring a gorgeous American Goldfinch.

    $30.00 ea. [5 remaining]


  • 2023 Calendar

    2023 Calendar

    Focusing on fabulous feathers, 2023's calendar is filled with dazzling photographs of birds in their amazing plumage, donated by friends of Tri-State. Accompanying each month's photo is informative text on the importance of feathers in the daily life of wild birds. Artistically compiled by Tri-State volunteers, this calendar ensures you will never miss an important event.

    $20.00 ea. [118 remaining]

  • Book and Plush Package

    Book and Plush Package

    Includes the exciting book, Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers, beautifully written by award-winning author Jennifer Keats Curtis. Ideal for school-aged children, youngsters will be fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes of wildlife rehabilitation centers. The book is complemented with a huggable 12" Turkey Vulture Plush.

    $50.00 ea. [15 remaining]


Suggested Amounts

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